Welcome to the Trading Winds, a place where we can learn more about trading and investing in the stock market. A venue for objective and healthy discussions on the current trends in the stock market, particularly the  Philippine Stock Market (PSE).

Who am I?

I’m a part-time freelance stock trader (currently trading) in the Philippine Stock Market, trading through an online stock brokerage account. Like most freelance traders, I also have a day job which is remotely related to trading and finance. I’m an engineer by education, a programmer by profession and a musician by passion… which means a lot of my analogies will be related to those that I mentioned.

and Why am I here?

It’s actually a common story: some guy who is an advocate of financial literacy and financial freedom. I’ve been inspired, directly and indirectly, by my casual and indirect mentors who led me to where I am today.

Why I write

There are a many people who have much more experience than me. There are also a lot of people who have written and are writing about the stock market, yet the total number of accounts in the PSE remain to be less than a million, 712,549 to be exact. That’s less than 1% of the Philippine population and that’s not taking into account the people with multiple accounts.

So here I am, writing about the stock market. I’m hoping that through this blog, I’ll be able to get more Pinoys to start investing in and (if they’re adventurous enough) start trading stocks. I’m writing so that maybe, just maybe, a lot more people will be able to relate to the stock market and realize the opportunities that await them. 🙂

About the photo

This was taken during a stroll at the Harbor Square. I’m supposed to add a photo of a boat with sails but I don’t have one so… 😀