Pryce Corporation (PPC) November 2016

I guess they were right when they said that Pryce will move up once the board decides to pay dividends. The disclosure released last Monday (November 14) states: The Board of Directors, at its meeting held today, approved the adoption of a dividend policy for the company where 50% of the prior fiscal year’s consolidated net […]

Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (SLI) November 2016

That perfect cup with handle breakout failed. With the current market environment, it’s almost impossible to regain momentum. There’s even no hype for this stock. Even with the promising fundamentals. Its important for this stock to hold its price above 0.90 else it will continue to trend down. -Long Term Pattern: Cup with Handle – failed […]

PSEI November 2016

The PSEI took a hit once again. This time after the US elections; Trump won BTW. Investors (and traders) are now pulling out as they try to recabibrate and observe the effects of Trump’s victory.   Update November 20, 2016 Its amazing how it follows the fibonacci retracement levels for every bounce. Lets wait for the […]

Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF) October 2016

After a 3-month downtrend, CNPF shows a sign of reversal after it crosses the 50MA with above average volume. Be careful though since the tuna fishing ban could affect its quarterly earnings. Long term projection is still good though due to its strong year-on-year growth.   Chart Observations October 22, 2016: -Signs of reversal: price crossed 50MA […]

Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (SLI) October 2016

Not much hype on SLI. However, it broke out of the flag pattern in the 1st week of October and is poised to continue the uptrend. Chart Observation October 9, 2016: SLI breaks out of the flag pattern! -Short Term Pattern: Flag (breakout) -Long Term Pattern: Cup with Handle -RSI: 40 is a key support […]